Thursday, March 27

Progress Report 2014

Well, unfortunately I have yet to be discovered as the next best Producer in Ireland. It seems the #JobsFairy is a bit off with me.
What have I been up to? Well I have been working away as Reception Supervisor in a Spa in the 5* Powerscourt Hotel.... Not exactly the best use for my BA in Media Studies but sure...
I was reminded a week or so ago of this blog - this long forgotten e-journal where I came to pour out my creativity and passion not so long ago - GOD I'M REALLY STARTING TO SOUND LIKE I'M BEGINNING MY (Somewhat depressing) MEMOIRS!!
Plain and simple - I have been way to busy working for the man to be thinking about Media and the lovely creative life I once led.
They were admittedly much happier days - I flicked back through my 'Media Bible' and read over a few of my old stories and plans... I had such a huge flair and great passion for it. Nothing like a crap economy to quash dreams like that eh?
Well in progression news - as per the title of this piece, I have submitted my Visa Application for Canada and am currently drudging through the bureaucracy of it all.
In my little head, I see myself arriving in Vancouver, someone catching me at the Airport and offering me a contract in Lionsgate studios.... PFFT as if!! But my God have they some amount of jobs over there!
I can only live in hope at this stage. God knows if I stay here I'll be a receptionist for the rest of my life, listening to people complain that their Latte's are not Skinny, or their robes are wet from the pool..... How do you say I DON'T CARE in 5 star?

If there's one good thing I can take from this job, it's the absolute multiplicity of stories, experience with guests and ideas I now have to create pages and pages worth of GOLD! (all within the guidelines of the data protection act of course ;) )

Alls I can say is you won't be seeing EMBR productions on the Credit strip of any film or tv show for a while... try not to miss me too much my beloved fan.... s!

Warmest regards to you all- keep it ham and cheesy!,


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