Wednesday, May 1

And now, the End is Near....

WOW..... to say that the 3 years have flown in is an understatement of gigantic proportion!!!

We watched our films yesterday - our mini Oscars - haha!!

Thoughts: I was so proud of my finished piece :) people laughed when they were supposed to, they sighed and ooed and aaahed appropriately and all over it went down very well :) I felt a huge sense of accomplishment watching it and thinking 'I did this'.

Reaction from the lecturer: Yvonne was really impressed. She still thought it was very cheesy but hey, I say 'embrace the cheese'!!! She said it looked very american, kinda like Friends.... emmm.. was bound to happen sometime, that show is coming out of my pores at this stage!!!

Hopes for the future??  I have entered a sitcom idea into a TV competition and I'm hoping this will take off, more on that later.. stay tuned ;)

My next step forward is to enter the finished film into the Galway Film Fleadh, so until then I can't put it up on Youtube, as per the rules if the festival!! But eeek... ROAD TRIP!!! Should be another fun and exciting experience!

Changing music for copyright issues: I have used Ed Sheeran and Bon Iver among others to make the soundtrack for my movie, but as I dont have ferocius amounts of money, I will need to change them if I want to put my film up on Youtube etc - soooo if anyone is seeking recognition for their band?? Or any music students/graduates willing to do a movie soundtrack... get in touch!! :)

College may be over but this isn't the last you'll hear from me...

Stay tuned - new posts every Wednesday!!!! :)

Emma x

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