Thursday, March 27

Film Review of 'The Stag' 2014.

Well it wouldn't be like me to do film reviews, but I'm not doing much else media related in my life right now so why not....? PLUS - I thought the film was brilliant and if that's not reason enough, then I don't know what is.

So -

The Stag.
Directed by: John Butler
Written by: John Butler & Peter McDonald

Taken from;
Summary of Plot: (no spoilers though)
Fionain is not your typical groom to be; deeply involved in every intricate detail of the wedding plans and out-rightly opposed to the very idea of a Stag Do! However his group of friends persuade him, under duress from the Bride to Be, to take him away for his Bachelor Party. The 1hr and 30mins that ensue, capture all the craziness and absurdities you would expect from a typical Irish 'Lads weekend' in the arsehole of no-where!

My thoughts on the film:
First and foremost - I thought the filmography was expertly done. It portrayed Ireland very well, and had a hint of 'Notting Hill', 'Love Actually' and 'Bridget Jones' about it in the first 20mins. - and that's literally the best way I could find to describe that thought! (psst - it's a good thing)

The scripting was a little laboured and cringey at parts, giving me the feeling of trying to create the illusion of a conversation rather than just have the conversation -  but there were some lines that I still laugh at now week's later that were pure golden!

The plot was so simple and yet led to some very funny twists and character situations - thus proving the point our lectures used to drive home - over complicated plots = BLAH BLAH BLAH for the audience. Keep it simple... and The Stag is an excellent example of that.

Overall I really enjoyed the film. The photography, the soundtrack, the cast, the script etc.
Very very well done to all involved.

I left the cinema feeling very proud of how far our Irish Film Production has come... and only like 10% resentful that it's such a hard industry to break into.

Maybe 15%...

But who's counting?

Would I recommend my friend's to go see this film? - YES!!!

That's all from me folks,



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