Monday, October 6

New Projects

A friend of mine is making his way up in the world of blogging and with a little help from me he has created a great website to match his super Instagram page.

Way_of_Travel_by_Tom is a website dedicated to Luxury travel worldwide. Tom has spent the last couple of years travelling from city to city, country to country and even continent to continent staying in exclusive hotels, lavish spa's and taking photos of breathtaking views.

He has over 20,000 followers on Instagram with thousands of people liking and sharing his fabulous travel photos.

Tomorrow, EMBR productions will be filming an exclusive interview with Way_of_Travel_by_Tom's creator Tom C. We are super excited about it, and so is Tom.

Please like and share his website by following the link below.
Tom's Instagram
Tom's Blog

And stay tuned for the interviews which will go live later this week!!!

Exciting times!

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