Wednesday, April 10

The Short Film that Kicked it all Off...

A very quick run through of the college project that changed my life!!!

~February ~
Audition casting call sent out to Gaeity website...
30+ replies.... WOW!!!

~March ~
Auditions: Monday 4th.... 3 people showed :(
1st Pre-production meeting
Script draft 4 finalised.
Shoot date settled - April 6th.
Production schedule set.

~April ~
Finally cast all my characters - in the nick of time too!
Thurs 4th - collecting 'do-not-break-very-expensive' equipment
Sat 6th - crew call @ 7.30am
LLLOOOOONNNGGG day of filming..


SLEEEEEPPP zzzzzzzzzzzzzz

Mon 8th - Editing begins!!!

Woah - you caught right up! That was fast..

Still editing right now, have alot of work still ahead of me.

I started this blog to keep track of the amazing opportunities I hope to have with my newly created Freelance production company :)

Stay tuned :) ~ Updates every Wednesday :)

Emma  x

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  1. You neglected to mention the natural qualities if genius, amiability and sparkling good humour , to mention just a few, that contribute to you being uniquely loveable. Go for it Emma- you have what it takes.