Wednesday, April 17

The Rough Cut!

Ok, it's been a week since I started editing. I organised all the clips into Scene folders and began compiling the Assembly Cut.
Once I had everything in order, I began to trim it all down, work on transitions: the works!
Credits and cutaways were added.... but OOOPS the duration is now 16mins....YIKES!!!

WHERE am I gonna trim 4 mins from???

Is this why they call it a rough cut??? I've heard the expression leaving millions of clips on the editing room floor, but I never imagined it would be this difficult. There are so many scenes that I love and wish I could keep in the film. But ultimately the deadline for college assessments is 10-12 mins maximum....

I now understand why our lecturer recommended we get an outsider to watch the film in the early stages - they can objectively help with any plot-holes or continuity blips or confusion that may have slipped past my tired eyes. Apparently as writer, director, producer and editor, I am too close to the project to see these potential flaws.

But as I said - I now understand! :)

I do try and leave a few days between the editing sessions - it's very easy to spend (I was going to write 'waste' but it's really the complete opposite of a waste of time) 3 or more hours staring intently at those beautiful iMac screens.

If I could pass on any advice to student/amateur editors ... it would be this:
1. Organizing the clips into 'Scene' folders is a life-saver. It makes editing a breeze!!
2. Never forget your headphones - other people have no regard for your need for silence/concentration.
3. SAVE  ~ SAVE ~ SAVE your work as you go....
4. iMacs are AMAZING! :)

oooooooooooooooh preeeetttyy!

That's all from me this week.. Lots of other college deadlines to fulfill before I can become totally absorbed in my future as a Media mogul ;)

As always, stay tuned for new blogs every Wednesday!
& feel free to get in touch with any questions/queries :)

Emma x

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