Tuesday, January 13

Keeping up with EMBR productions

Well well well, we have been busy!

As you may have noticed, we have revamped our website, to include some new features such as the Testimonials page, Contact us page and Welcome page.

Over the past week I have put a huge drive on finishing outstanding projects, promoting the brand and organizing the company fully. To say we are set to take off is an understatement.

The most recent project we acquired was a Video for a company website in Blanchardstown. The finished product can be seen when their new website goes live next week.

I have also reached out and begun a collaborative project with The Zeign creator Fiona Kerrigan. We have plotted and story-boarded a mini series that will go live on Youtube in late February. This will be our second project working together.

Keep your eyes peeled folks, EMBR productions is going places and fast!

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